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Candidates Tournament London 2013
The London Candidates Tournament will determine the challenger who will face, later this year, the current title holder World Champion Vishy Anand for the prestigious FIDE World Championship.

player-magnus player-kramnik player-aronian player-radjabov
player-grischuk player-ivanchuk player-svidler player-gelfand

Rank      Name                                    Title
FED        Rating
1 Carlsen, Magnus  
NOR       2872
2 Kramnik, Vladimir
GM RUS 2810
3 Aronian, Levon GM ARM 2809
4 Radjabov, Teimour GM AZE 2793
10 Grischuk, Alexander GM RUS 2764
11 Ivanchuk, Vassily  
GM UKR 2757
14 Svidler, Peter 
GM RUS 2747
17 Gelfand, Boris   GM ISR 2740

London, January 15, 2013 FIDE and AGON the World Chess Federation’s commercial partner are pleased to announce the players, dates and venue of the 2013 Candidates Tournament. The London Candidates will be the strongest tournament of its kind in history. The Prize Fund to be shared by the players totals €510,000. The winner of the Candidates will become the Challenger to Viswanathan Anand who has reigned as World Champion since 2007.

Event                                    Day                        Date Time
Opening Ceremony 
Thursday             14/03/2013
Round 1 Friday                    15/03/2013 14:00h
Round 2 Saturday              16/03/2013 14:00h
Round 3 Sunday                 17/03/2013 14:00h
Free day Monday               18/03/2013
Round 4 Tuesday               19/03/2013 14:00h
Round 5
Wednesday        20/03/2013 14:00h
Round 6
Thursday             21/03/2013 14:00h
Free Day Friday                    22/03/2013
Round 7
Saturday              23/03/2013 14:00h
Round 8
Sunday                 24/03/2013 14:00h
Round 9
Monday               25/03/2013 14:00h
Free day 
Tuesday               26/03/2013
Round 10 Wednesday        27/03/2013 14:00h
Round 11 Thursday             28/03/2013 14:00h
Round 12 Friday                    29/03/2013 14:00h
Free day Saturday              30/03/2013
Round 13 
Sunday                 31/03/2013 14:00h
Round 14
Monday               01/04/2013 14:00h
Tie-Breaks if necessary/
Closing Ceremony
Tuesday               02/04/2013  

Tickets are available for all the rounds and may be pruchased here :

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